What is the basic criteria to join APC?

Children at APC come from different countries, so nationality is not limited. In some cases a visa may be required to visit Vietnam. APC will assist families through this process when necessary.  Our campers are between the ages of 8 to 16.  Please keep in mind that APC is an international English speaking summer camp, so children need to be able to communicate in basic English.

What level of English is required?

As English is the language communicated at APC, all campers must be able to communicate their basic personal needs.  Campers should have a basic understanding of English to participate in the many daily activities and evening programs enjoyed by campers and counselors alike. The majority of the counselors and instructors at APC are native English speaking. However, all APC staff are trained to communicate to the campers in a way that even the most basic of English levels can understand.

How will my child use English while attending APC?

Every single day at APC is an English lesson. Activities will differ from day to day, giving opportunities for children to experience English in a real life experience.  All communication in the cabin group, daily activities, and evening programs are in English.  The majority of the counselors and instructors at APC are native English speaking. Campers will receive the “Camp APC Certificate” after the one or two week sessions.

Are campers allowed to use mobile phones and PDA (Personal digital assitants) and bring food to camp?

Campers traveling alone by APC bus can bring a cell phone to camp so that campers may call or send their parents a text message when they are in the bus. However all mobile phones and PDAs are collected and kept by APC security within 20 minutes from reaching camp in Phan Thiet. This equipment will be returned upon their check out. So, your children will not have internet access or mobile phone use while at camp. // To ensure the highest level of cleanness and hygiene, campers should not bring their own food, drinks, cookies and candies to camp, especially consume them inside cabins.

Can parents regularly talk to campers when they are in the camp?

One of the many wonderful experiences campers will have at camp is independence. This is an opportunity for children to be away from their parents for one or two weeks, making new friends, making decisions for themselves, and experiencing independence and personal discipline. Phone calls from parents are not possible, except in the cases of campers birthdays or medical emergencies of a camper, parent, or sibling. For the parents that experience “home sickness” while your children are away, APC uploads photos daily on our Facebook page.

Is there any means of communication allowed?

  1. Mail, faxes, and e-mail: Campers would love to hear from home once or twice per session. The parent’s letters are given to campers once a day right after lunch.
  2. Letters home: We encourage campers to write a letter or postcard to his/her parent within the first week of camp. Campers are given the opportunity to write a letter that we will e-mail on their behalf on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday each week so be sure to check your e-mails or fax regularly.
  3. APC’s Facebook and website: In addition, parents can update their children’s activities via visiting APC’s Facebook and website as pictures of children are frequently, even daily uploaded. If, after receiving any communications, there are any questions please do not hesitate to email or call the camp office.

How is the transportation to the camping location, especially for international campers?

Campers will be carried to Peaceful 2 resort (Phan Thiet city) by bus from Ho Chi Minh City. For international campers, APC staff will welcome them at the airport and organize them before departing for camp. More importantly, APC can assist parents with the Vietnam visa for traveling to Vietnam.