Our team runs APC based on simple family values and are dedicated to sticking to our 5 basic principles

Make the children feel at home

Ensure everyone has fun

Try new things and learn new cultures

Make life as easy as possible for parents

Safety will always underpin everything we do


On the first night of camp we have our opening campfire where children will be introduced to camp and our excited staff. They will learn where everyone is from and about the new activities they may not know.

Campers will live in groups of 6-8 with 1 or 2 counselors in a well-equipped bungalow which we call a cabin. Campers sleep in this cabin and after lunch, they have cabin time when they can write letters, do quiet activities, and bond with their cabin family.

During the day children will enjoy the activities they have chosen which are taught by our highly qualified staff. A positive environment is created through safety, fun, and trying new things. The campers are encouraged to use English when interacting with each other and staff. Campers from various cultures will live and play together where they can appreciate the differences and similarities of one another. New friendships flourish in a supportive and positive environment.

Meal time is a great way for kids to replenish themselves with our delicious and healthy food options. It is a time to build friendships and talk about all the fun things they have experienced at camp.

Besides the daily activities, campers can also enjoy many other fun summer camp experiences like campfires, camp songs, counselor hunts, capture the flag, a disco dance, movie night, and many other special programs.

The evening activity is one of the most exciting times at camp, because the whole camp family is in one place at one time. Every night after dinner we gather all of the campers and counselors to do something together. What do we do? Sometimes we play team games on the beach, running around yelling and playing. Sometimes we go on scavenger hunts in the woods with flashlights, exploring the camp at night. Sometimes our international counselors put on a show to entertain the campers. Sometimes it is the campers who put on a show, such as a talent show or lip sync competition.

On Sunday and Friday we have Opening and Closing Campfires as our evening activity. This is always a highlight of a day at camp and it’s a great way to spend time together as a community. Camp is all about a feeling of home and family with new friends, and our evening activities help create that. The evening activity usually lasts about one hour, and afterwards campers go to sleep.

At bedtime counselors follow a nighttime routine. They make sure every child has properly washed and gets enough rest to have another fun-filled day. A family setting is encouraged by giving each child a chance to talk about all the wonderful parts of their day and resolve any issues to ensure a peaceful night’s rest.

On the last night of camp we have our closing campfire which is a special way to end our time at camp. Campers will present what they have learned in activities such as dance and gymnastics performances and the movies they made in video production. Finally, a slideshow of pictures is viewed to reminisce about the special memories campers made with new friends.

The Daily Camp Schedule

At APC, we like to keep our campers busy and active with many different outdoor games and sports so they don’t get bored. Here is a description of a typical day for a camper here. As you can see it is quite a full day.

Time Activity Description
7:15 Good morning Rise and Shine
7:45 Assembly All of camp assemble for breakfast and announcements
8:00 Breakfast Eat Breakfast
8:30 Clean-up Get ready for morning activites
9:15 Activity period 1 Volleyball, Cricket, Rugby, Archery
10:30 Activity period 2 Fencing, Soccer, Aerobics, Baseball
11:45 Activity period 3 Arts and Crafts, Drama, Video Production
13:00 Lunch Eat lunch
Time Activity Description
13:45 Cabin Hour A quiet time to hang out with your cabin group and relax or rest
14:45 Activity period 4 Woodwork, Dance, Drama, Camp News
16:00 Cabin Activity Campers as a cabin choose an activity and play together
17:00 - 17:15 Snack Break Grab a healthy snack on the way to your next activity
17:15 – 18:00 Free Choice Activity Campers are free to choose certain activities, relax with friends, or take a shower
18:15 Assembly All of camp gathers to hear about all the fun had that day
18:30 Dinner Eat Dinner
19:30 Evening activity Evening Program – Capture the Flag, Scottie the Pirate, Egg Drop, Disco, Lip Sync, Camp Fires and many more…
21:00 Lights out