Ms. Ha, parent of a camper named Trung Anh (2014)

I’d like to extend my gratitude to APC’s staff for your great ideas and thorough management. I am thankful for my child to have opportunities for networking, learning, and challenging himself.

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I am very pleased and happy that he has become much more confident and mature. I hope APC continues developing the camp so that every summer my child can participate in great experiences and make more memories.

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Ms. Lan Anh, parent of a camper named Trieu Duong (2014)

Welcoming my son back home, hearing his stories, and viewing pictures made us regretful that one week session had gone so fast. Many thanks to APC for designing such an amazing summer camp.

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I have noticed my son has become more mature since returning from camp. Before camp he didn’t pay attention to instruction or follow advice I would tell him. After coming back from camp he has realized some of his bad habits and corrected them. Being his parent I feel touched and satisfied to see my son play and learn new things in such a healthy and natural environment. A huge thank you from the bottom of my heart for your amazing and enthusiastic counselors. I look forward to seeing APC again next summer.

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Ms. Thao, parent of a camper named Nhat Thanh (2014)

APC has left a positive impact on my son. The first day after returning home, he told me about all the fun he had at camp. He told me about the camp activities 6 times in the first day and a half after being back home.

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“Now it is free choice activity, and now it is dinner time at camp….”, he would recall. He is maintaining good habits which he learned at camp and has become more mature in his thinking. Even now he shares camp stories several times a day. It was a truly memorable summer for him.

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Ms. Thu, parent of a camper named Ngan Ha (2015)

Dear Mr. Paul & APC.Summer 2015 is a very special summer for my daughter, Mai Ngan Ha – Cabin Zion. After camping, she has changed so much because she spent many experiences in the camp.

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Now she has many new friends from Hanoi, HCMC. She can make nice Rainbow Looms that the counselors taught her. She becomes more confident. She has improved in speaking English. Thank you so much for everything. We hope APC will always be a first choice for children in every summer.
We wish all of you happiness and success.

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Ms. Phuong, parent of campers named Phuong Khoi & Phuong Mi (2015)

Dear Paul and All at APC Camp. My kids – Phuong Khoi & Phuong Mi [Session 5B] are still telling us nice stories about their experience at the camp. Especially Phuong Khoi – he almost turns to tears when I read him your letter!

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I even tried to tell me how nice you and all the counselors are! I highly appreciate and feel very thankful for having sent my kids to the camp. They both have truly enjoyed the time they spent with you all there and I have noticed their significant improvement since their return! Phuong Khoi goes to bed earlier, gets up with lots of energy in the morning to go to school and love to learn new things, especially surfing, swimming, martial arts and fishing! He can go no stop about how good he was at fishing that week at APC Camp! while Phuong Mi keeps telling me how wonderful the foods are and how professional your team was! With these things, I would strongly recommend APC Camp to my friends, other parents and kids and we really look forward to seeing you all again the next summer!
Once again, thank you all and please send our best best regards to all other counselors and your admin staff too!

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Mr. Dung, parent of a camper named Long Vu (2015)

Dear Sir and APC team. I want to say THANKS to all of you for all the best things at APC ‘ 15 for my son, he had a nice summer with new friends, activities, and you and he always smile when telling of what was experienced at camp.He always remembers and looks forward to seeing you again.
Best wishes to all of you.

Ms. Sheree Jarman, parent of a camper named Amy Jarman from Australia (2016)

Amy had such a great time. She was super excited when she learnt a girl from last year was there who she met and she made a new friend too and they are planning to email each other to meet up next year.

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Thanks alot for the fun times she experienced and she also conquered some of her fears and tried new things too so that is great. Bless you guys.

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Ms. Saowapa, parent of a camper named Wanfahsai Sompornphan from Thailand (2016)

I sent my daughter from Thailand to join your camp for two-week period. I think it is worth the time and money. She is out of her comfort zone, doing things that she might not always love to.

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Thank you for taking good care of my child. Please keep me posted for the next camp either in Vietnam or somewhere else.

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Ms. Hang, parent of a camper named Viet Hung (2017)

Back home but still miss APC a lot that Kevin seemed so moved with tears talking about APC, friends and counselors there during dinner last night .
Thank you American Paradise Camp for creating such nice and amazing activities and memories for our little boy Kevin.

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He loved Frisbee the best, pity that we do not have any picture of him playing this sport. Other activities attracted him as well.
The food was great and nice that he often asked for the second dish most of the time.
Friends and counselors there were very funny and helpful. And he was so proud that sometimes he became a translator for his friends .
Thank you the 2 enthusiastic counselors Ivan and Jorge who took very good care of him during his stay, and hope you two still remember the boy snoring like a hippo . Thank you Armel, the great nurse in APC, who came to his cabin Big Bend every morning handling him the vitamin.
Thank you the APC Director Paul that gathered all these fantastic people together to create the nice memories for everyone.
Thank you all for spending nice week with him there.
These things will stay in Kevin’s mind forever. And from now on we are thinking of next year time with APC.

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Ms. Thu, parent of a camper named Hồng Ngọc and Hồng Ánh (2019)

Thank you for the wonderful opportunity for our two children. We were so impressed when our elder sister came home and said that her” confidence” had increased we were speechless.

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She needed prodding to go but now cannot wait to go back. Our younger sister was tickled with the experience and too felt better about who she is as she replayed funny and amusing stories about her there. We so appreciate the support that allowed our children to have this experience. Thank You so much.

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Valentine, camper from France (2014)

Chloé and I are having so much fun! We made lots of new friends and the food is so good (Best canteen ever ++).

Toledo, camper from Vietnam (2014)

Unforgetable memories. Love my Yellowstone cabin and my counselors. I love this camp so much!

Jenny, camper from Vietnam (2014)

I wasn’t sure about my feelings towards APC at first because of homesickness but as the days passed I really enjoyed my time there and I wish I could have stayed for longer than 1 week. The counselors are amazing! They’re so nice, supportive, and cool. I’ll definitely be coming back next year!

Ekaterina, camper from Russia (2014)

The weekend excursion is very wonderful. On Saturday, counselors bring me to the museum and on Sunday I play golf. There is so much fun there.

Tam Le, camper from Vietnam (2016)

American Paradise camp is the best camp. l enjoyed the games, activities and made new friends there.

Lưu Vi Quân – camper from Vietnam (2015)

The best camp ever! Caring and nice counselors, fun activity… great memories! I’m sure I brought back home all the memories at camp, hope that I can go next year.